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The Star Relic

Miakoda (Mia) Campbell is a seventeen year old control freak in an uncontrollable world. In a secret world hidden from most humans, magic is something inherited through DNA. Mia was no exception. At the age of fifteen, her spirit animal, the mountain lion presented itself to her. Mia had crossed the threshold to Shape Shifter and had accepted the role of protector.
Mia is devoted to her clan, her family, and the Star Relics they protect. Still, her devotion isn’t stronger than the love she has for her best friend, turned boyfriend, Caleb. Both her devotion and her love will be tested when the relic she protects awakens, and all turns chaotic in her life. There are other people with magic in their blood. For thousands years, Shadow Walkers have waged war against the Shape Shifters in order to obtain and control the relics. As battles get more intense and dangerous, Mia’s trust and love for both Caleb and her family are tested. Politics and pride bring further complications when new Shape Shifters arrive as well as a mysterious Shadow Walker, is captured but may not be an enemy after all.
The powers Mia’s people have had for thousands of years are not of an earthly kind as Mia had once thought and Star Beings are not just rumor and folklore. In the chaos of the new war, Mia is gifted with new powers. She learns that there is a thin line between friend and foe. 
Mia, will have to choose her path wisely, and not everyone she loves will take the same one. Now, in the midst of war for power everyone must choose a side, everyone must look deep within themselves, at who they are, and take the path they feel is the right one. The question is; what path is the right one and which one will Mia follow when it comes time to choose?

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